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Better Questions For Aged Care

Enabling Choice and Empowerment for Older People

If you are working in the Aged Care profession, we can teach you to how to use Better Questions to build strong relationships with your clients and to be confident in your practice to support their CHOICE, INDEPENDENCE and EMPOWERMENT. 

Despite the everchanging landscape of the Aged Care Sector, one thing remains a constant – the need for excellent communication.

Why? Because excellent communication is essential for building GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with your clients.

And, GOOD CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS are what makes your service a SUCCESS.

We can help you to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD

By teaching you and your staff more effective ways to communicate with your clients you will understand them better. They will trust you. And, you will be able to match or better still, exceed their needs, which will likely make you their care provider of choice.

Whether you are providing an assessment service, in-home support, residential care or other related services, effective communication is a critical skill that is fundamental to providing the very best Aged Care service to your clients.

And, with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission assessing and monitoring the quality of care and services, now more than any other time, organisations are recognising the importance and the need for communication skills training with it being at the core of all eight of the Aged Care Quality Standards that were introduced on 1st July 2019. 

Your Training Provider of Choice

Whatever your role within the Aged Care sector, from assessment through to service delivery, our Better Questions training will teach you how to talk with your clients with a true Person Centred approach.  Our solution focussed communication framework supports and underpins Reablement & Wellness and Consumer Directed Care practices.

By learning these essential communication skills, you will build better client relationships and support them to feel more respected, capable and enabled and more involved in the decisions being made about their care.

Having trained 1000's of Aged Care professionals over the years, we understand your specific needs and have established ourselves as a trusted industry-leading provider of communication training to this sector. 

We have trained RAS Assessors, Case Managers, Aged Care Workers, Direct Care /Support Staff, Personal Care Assistants and other Aged Care related roles. Here's what just a few of our valued Aged Care Clients have to say about us and the Better Questions workshop.

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