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Better Questions For Community Services

Improving client outcomes through better client relationships

Community …we are all a part of it, but we are all individuals with our own unique personalities, desires and needs.

That's why, if you work in this sector, it's essential to use a 'Person Centred' communication approach with your clients.

And that's where we come in.

At our Better Questions workshops, we train people who work in a variety of roles within the Community Services sector, how to talk with their clients in a 'Person Focussed' way.

Speaking with Clients with a Person Centred approach improves client relationships and offers benefits to both you and your clients by:

  • Making them feel respected, heard and understood
  • Helping you to gather important information by questioning in a respectful way
  • Engaging your clients which leads to improved client relationships…and trust
  • Helping you to understand them better - so you can identify your clients' needs and concerns
  • Enabling you to tailor your services to your client's specific needs
  • Building capacity and empowering them to take responsibility and be actively involved in decision making and planning

Whatever your role, our Better Questions communication skills training will help you to better engage, empower and motivate your clients leading to better relationships and improved outcomes for all

Our specialist communications training provides 'must have' skills for everyone working in community service roles across all Government organisations, NGO's, Charities and NFP's.   Many of our valued clients in this sector include:

Department of Housing, Meals on wheels, Community Transport, Youth and Family Services, Welfare, Case Managers, etc.

You can learn the Better Questions person centred approach either by attending one of our Public Workshops or we can come to you and deliver a workshop onsite at your workplace.

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"A big THANKYOU for your Better Questions workshop. All the feedback I have received has been nothing but positive. Hats off to you. Everyone was really impressed with the workshop and took a great interest in the App. Many thanks again; it was fantastic."
Andrew Joseph,  Team Leader, Youth Services, Mornington Peninsula Shire

"Your training was fantastic. I can't believe how much I have already used the better questions technique. I used it right away immediately after the training during a client assessment and it was so rewarding. I have used it in supervision with a youth worker with success and have even used certain aspects with my 2 year old son already."
Steven Theoclitou, Youth Work Coordinator - Kingston Youth & Family Services

"I have really enjoyed the time we have spent working together – I'm a huge fan of your program/life philosophy!!! I have been using Better Questions not only with my clients but also on myself."

Kate McNeilly, Psychologist - Youth and Family Counsellor

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