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Better Questions For Educators & Parents

Creating Confident, Capable and Resilient Kids & Teens

Do you want to empower your kids/teenagers?

Are you looking for ways to help build your children's capacity and resilience?

Would you like to have more engaged conversations with your teenagers/students?

Do you want to support your kids/students to be self-sufficient and responsible?

If so, we can help you

By learning the Better Questions way of communicating with kids, you will be able to talk with young children and teenagers in a way that allows them to feel heard, helps them articulate what they want to say and supports them to achieve their best.

Better Questions for Educators

Empower them to get better outcomes from their education.

In our Better Questions communication skills workshops for teachers and educators, we teach you a communication technique that will take your 'Teacher – Student relationships' to the next level.

Learning the Better Questions way of communicating with children and students will help you to:

  • Break down any barriers and build trust
  • Connect and build a better relationship with them
  • Gain a greater understanding of them and their learning needs
  • Support them to develop and achieve their education goals

Having conversations with your students/kids using the communication techniques shared in our workshops will:

  • Allow them to feel heard and respected
  • Help them to articulate their needs better
  • Assist them to gain focus
  • Build their capacity and resilience
  • Boost their confidence
  • Improve their problem-solving skills
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Support a growth mindset
  • Enable them to identify and achieve their goals
  • Engage them in their learning

Using the Better Questions approach when talking with your students/ kids not only leads them to higher academic achievement but also positively impacts classroom behaviour, their social interactions and their general wellbeing. 

Not limited to conversations with your students, the Better Questions communication technique will also help you create more engagement and improved relationships with their parents and families as well as your colleagues.

*The Better Questions communication model is psychologist endorsed and can be used with children of all ages

Better Questions for Parents

Are you sick and tired of telling your kids what to do all the time?

Does it drive you crazy when your kids don't do what tell them to do?

Don't worry …We can help you break this frustrating cycle

Talking with young Children

Young children are naturally curious and love to be asked questions.

As parents we often fall into the trap of telling our kids what to do rather than keeping them curious and helping them to continually develop their problem-solving skill set.

In the Better Questions workshops and programs we teach parents how to talk with their kids in a more question focussed way as this helps them to develop good problem-solving skills, build their capacity and resilience.

Talking with Teenagers

We know how sometimes it can be really hard talking with teenagers.

Lots of parent's experience difficulties talking with teenagers and sometimes find it hard to engage them in a conversation at all.

The great news is that we can help you have better conversations with your teenagers.

By teaching you how to talk to your teens using a questioning approach you will be able to: 

  • Re/connect and build a better relationship your teenager
  • Gain a greater understanding of what is challenging them
  • Create a space for you and all family members to be heard
  • Support them to understand their impact on the family dynamic
  • Facilitate a conversation that is less emotionally charged and reduce conflict

Having conversations with your teens using the communication techniques shared in our workshops will help them to:

  • Feel heard, respected and understood
  • Feel safe and supported
  • Engage in conversations relating to their health and wellbeing
  • Express their feelings and articulate what they need from you as their parent.
  • Boost their confidence, build their capacity and develop resilience
  • Deal with problems better and come up with their own solutions
  • Rationalise their thinking and better manage their emotions
  • Feel empowered and capable to achieve their desired goals

You can improve your parent - teen relationships by learning the Better Questions way of talking with teenagers by self-paced study of our online course

We also have a range of products to support the training program helping parents to apply the Better Questions communication skill in a variety of everyday parenting scenarios in a very practical and easy way. These include the Better Parents Ask Better Questions iphone App, Book, ebook .

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