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Training Options

Online - Onsite - Public - Calendar

We love delivering our training programs to inspire and excite people to be Better Questioners.

We pride ourselves on creating an engaging and positive learning experience with the aim of every attendee leaving with the motivation to apply their newly acquired, powerful communication skills in both their professional roles and personal lives.

We have different delivery options available to suit your needs and budget. You can attend our face to face workshops, which we deliver both on site and at public events and we also offer a range of online options if this methodology better suits your needs.

Online Learning

Our online platform offers a variety of programs including our in-depth, self-paced 10 Module program that teaches you all the skills to be a Better Questioner, as well as our Refresher program which is fantastic for those that have already done our Better Questions training. Both of these options can be provided with the input and support of your own organisations trainers or line managers to optimise their effectiveness and ensure that the skills are applied successfully in the workplace.

We also offer some Individual Self-Reflective Modules on various topics where we give you some Better Questions to enable you to find Better Answers.

All of these options provide a positive and engaging experience that support people to be Better Questioners. To explore all of our online programs click here.

Onsite Training

Our most popular training option is where we provide our Better Questions workshop on site for an agreed number of attendees. We usually provide this workshop over a full day and we love to travel so are happy to bring this option to your workplace...where ever you are in the world!

If you have specific needs and want to run a workshop for larger groups of for shorter durations, we are very happy to chat with you about this to see how we can best help you.

We also often deliver shorter workshops at conferences and group events so please enquire to get more details. We look forward to talking with you.

Public Workshops

We are always excited to bring our workshops to various regions and cities (both here in Australia and around the globe!) and so regularly plan in public events that are open for individual or small group registrations.

These workshops are for a full day and, as well as having venues in the major cities, we endeavour to also choose locations that are more regional so that it makes it easier for people to attend.

We have a calendar of planned events that is regularly updated, but if you don't see a venue that suits you, please contact us to enquire to see if we are able to bring a workshop to a location nearby to you in the future.

Training Dates